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Innerwalk Project is great for nature explorers, music lovers, people that would like to Hike, do Ecstatic Dance, Yoga and Meditation with a Guide and a DJ that will accompany our excursions. It brings together people with the same vibes, respectful, open, curious, seeking for a spiritual growth. We can offer half day, 1 or 2 Days options welcoming people from 12 to 99 years old, groups or families, solo travelers. 

An infusion of serenity, inspiration, freedom, empowerment, meeting people with the same vision for an eco-sustainable future.

Innerwalk Session "Tibetan Bridge"

Hiking to Ticino"Tibetan bridge" with Ecstatic Dance Facilitator & DJ!

  • Starts 5 JunStarts 5 Jun

  • 35 Schweizer Franken

    CHF 35

  • Funivia Monte Carasso, Ticino

Service Description

Innerwalk Project is pleased to guest Remolution, Ecstatic Dance Dj leading groups in Switzerland. We will guide you through mindful walking, music, breathing and dancing from 11- 14 enjoying the beautiful bridge and Mornera Lake. Dancing gives you a more subtle perception to appreciate some of the finest scenery in Bellinzona Region. Finish your dance with a pic nic by the lake, will help you to embody the joyful experience.


Innerwalk Tremorgio+Leit Lakes 1Day Tour

Discover Tremorgio&Leit lakes with Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and DJ!

  • Starts 26 Jun
  • CHF 85

  • Funivia Rodi-Fiesso, Ticino

Service Description

Innerwalk Project is pleased to guest Alex Dawson, Swiss Australian Complementary therapist, Feldenkrais Method, Master Reiki, offering Guided Meditation Journeys. Since 15 years travelling to India organizing tours to different Ashrams, Energetical Places Seeker. Leading Meditation groups in Locarno and Lugano. We will guide you for an amazing awakening through mindful walking, music, breathing and dancing from 10.30- 16 enjoying the magical Tremorgio Region. The meeting point to go up to Tremorgio will be Rodi-Fiesso (940 m), where we'll get a comfortable 8-seater Cable Car, which takes 5 minutes to arrive to Tremorgio at 1,830 m. At the top, it takes a few minutes walking to reach the hut Tremorgio and the lake. From Tremorgio you can walk towards the huts leit (1 hour and 30 min.) During this 1Day Tour we will offer Guided Meditation at Tremorgio Lake and Ecstatic Dance at Leit Lake.



  • TIPOLOGIA Musica , Ritrovi