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For lovers of the medieval period, various activities and events are offered on the territory to relive this era that radically marked our region. Historical re-enactments, reinterpretations, recipes and much more!

Spada nella rocca in Castelgrande

Maestro Martino

Few people know his real name: Martino de Rubeis, also known as Martino de Rossi, or Martino da Como. He was born in Grumo, a hamlet of Torre, today a district of Blenio, a municipality in the Blenio Valley. He was one of the most famous cooks of the 15th century and his manuscript Libro de Arte Coquinaria is considered the first cookery text for which the author's name is known. He contributed decisively to the definition of the 'Italian' model of cooking. This manuscript recipe book, updated in numerous editions, continued to circulate until the mid-16th century.

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