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The Bellinzonese

The Bellinzonese area developed over the centuries around the three castles that are emblematic of this region, crafting its own multicultural identity partly thanks to its enviable position at the point where the roads to the Gotthard, Lukmanier and San Bernardino passes meet.


The medieval architecture of the fortified complex (which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000), the village that surrounds it, the hill forts and the ancient monuments and monasteries dovetails with the modern buildings designed by renowned architects, which have added new elements to the old town and the entire area surrounding it.

The centuries-old tradition of the Saturday market brings the old town to life, with its countless stalls selling local and artisanal products. The museums, churches, squares and of course the Teatro Sociale enrich the cultural offering, while star chefs and grotto restaurants take inspiration from the region’s produce. Every year, the city comes to life as it hosts the most famous carnival in Ticino, when processions, floats and masked revellers fill the streets of the city centre.

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