Guest Card 2024

Guest Card 2024

The Guest Card is our gift for your stay and thanks to it you can take advantage of many discounts and reductions throughout the course of 2024 on activities of all kinds.

The Guest Card is granted exclusively to those staying in the region of Bellinzona and Valleys. It is valid both for the guests of accommodation and for the owners of secondary residences in our region only if it is complete with name, surname and indication of the reference structure. The Guest Card is also granted to our members and it is valid if complete with name and surname.

Each discount can only be used once and cannot be combined with other discounts. The Guest Card is personal and not transferable to third parties with the exception of the family.

Ask for your Guest Card at the check-in!


1. Casa Cavalier Pellanda, Biascafree
Entry to temporary exhibitions 

2. Casa dell'Artigianato, Dongio 10% 
Merchandise on display in the shop

3. Dazio Grande, Rodi-Fiessofree
Entry ticket

4. Fortezza di Bellinzona, Bellinzona — 30%
Bellinzona Pass 

5. Galleria Baumgartner, Mendrisio — 30%
Adult and family ticket

6. Grotta dei Minerali, Cioss Prato20%
Entry ticket

7. Museo dei fossili del Monte San Giorgio, Meride 10%
Entry ticket

8. Museo di Leventina, Giornico50%
Entry ticket

9. Museo della Valle di Blenio, Lottigna50%
Entry ticket

10. Sasso San Gottardo — 20%
Entry ticket


11. Coop Open Air Cinema Bellinzona, Castelgrande, BellinzonaCHF 5.–
Cinema ticket (evening box office only)

12. Festival Ticino Musica - reduced ticket
Concert and opera tickets

13. Japan Matsuri, Festival Giapponese  — 10%
Entry ticket


14. Impianti Turistici Cardada, Orselina30%
All full ticket rates

15. Filovia Malvaglia-Dagro, Malvaglia20%
Return or one way ticket

16. Funicolare Ritom-Piora, Piotta 20%
Return ticket

17. Funicolare Monte San Salvatore, Paradiso 20%
Return ticket (adults)

18. Funivie Airolo-Pesciüm20%
Lift tickets

19. Funivia Lema Mountain, Miglieglia 10%
Return ticket

20. Funivia Monte Carasso-Mornera20%
Return ticket Monte Carasso-Mornera

21. Funivia Pizzo di Claro, Lumino20%
Return ticket

22. Impianti di risalita Airolo-Lüina — 20%
Skipass (adults)

23. Impianti turistici Campo Blenio-Ghirone20%
Skipass (adults)

24. Impianti di risalita Carì20%
All full ticket rates

25. Impianti di risalita Cioss Prato, Valle Bedretto20%

26. Impianti turistici Nara, Leontica20%
All full ticket rates

27. Impianti di risalita Prato Leventina10%                     

28. Sciovia Bedrina-Dalpe30%
Family skipass

29. Telecabina Monte Tamaro, Rivera 20%
Return ticket (excluding packages)

30. Teleferica del Tremorgio, Rodi-Fiesso 20%
All full ticket rates


31. AltaQuota, Airolo — 10%
The whole assortment

32. BikePort, Stazione FFS Bellinzona10%
Bike and e-bike rental

33. Caccia al tesoro Campo Blenio – CHF 3.-
Paper map

34. Caccia al tesoro Lucomagno – CHF 3.-
Paper map

35. Caccia al tesoro Nara (Biriki) – CHF 3.-
Paper map

36. Canyoning in Ticino – purelements®, Cresciano — 15%
Canyoning tours (minimum two participants)

37. Carmine Moto, Bellinzona10%
Motorbike rental

38. Centro Alpine Lodge & SPA, Campra15%
Choice between lunch, dinner or entry to the SPA

39. Centro Sci Nordico Campra10%
Skipass (adults)

40. Cicli Wittwer, Biasca 20%
Clothing, shoes and helmets

41. Cinema Leventina, Airolofree
1 free drink during the film

42. Cinema Teatro Blenio, Acquarossafree
1 free drink during the film

43. Escape Room bLockaTI, Giubiasco 10%
All the rooms

44. Fitness La Fenice, Ambrì — free
Fitness room entry

45. FlyTicino parapendio, Lugano CHF 30.–
Tandem flight

46. Garage Mauro, Acquarossa10%
Bike rental

47. GO KART Locarno-MagadinoCHF 5.-
10 minute single run

48. Il Delfino Centro Fitness, Malvaglia - 20%
Single entry

49. Intersport Grossi, Bellinzona15%
The whole assortment

50. Isole di Brissago30%

51. Leventina Western, OscoCHF 10.–
2h horse riding

52. Mad Ride Bike Shop, Faido — 10%
The whole assortment

53. Millennium Sport & Moda, Biasca10%
The whole assortment

54. Pista di ghiaccio Biascafree
Public skating entry

55. Pista di ghiaccio Faido50%
Public skating entry

56. Cycling Swiss Shop, Claro 20%
Clothing and accessories

57. Sarci Sport, Olivone15%
All assortment except MTB, rental and workshop

58. Scuola Svizzera Sci e Snowboard, Airolo — 20%
Equipment rental

59. Scuola Svizzera Sci di Fondo, Campra20%
2-hour private lesson

60. Scuola Svizzera Sci e Snowboard, Campo Blenio20%
Private lesson or group courses

61. Scuola Svizzera Sci e Snowboard, Carì10%
First private lesson

62. Scuola Svizzera Sci e Snowboard, Nara10%
Private lesson or equipment rental

63. Splash & Spa Tamaro, Rivera20%

64. Sport 2000, Faido10%
The whole assortment

65. Swissminiatur, Melide20%

66. Urgesport, Giubiasco20%

67. Voli in parapendio Stambekk AIR, Lumino — 10%
Basic paragliding flight

68. Bellinzona Car, Bellinzona — 20%
Rental Bellinzona Car


69. Bottega Ticino a Te, InfoPoint Bellinzona – 10%
The whole assortment

70. Bottega Ticino a Te, InfoPoint Biasca – 10%
The whole assortment

71. Carlo Stroppini Gourmet, Gnosca10%
Gastronomic products

72. Caseificio del Sole, Aquila10%
Purchase at the cheese factory

73. Caseificio dimostrativo del Gottardo, Airolo10%
Purchase at the cheese factory (only CDGA products)

74. Caseificio Marco Togni, Airolo-Nante10%
Purchase at the cheese factory

75. Caseificio Töira, Olivone – 10%
Purchase at the cheese factory

76. Chocolat Stella, Stazione FFS Bellinzona e Giubiasco10%
Single purchase from CHF 30.-

77. Il Nostrano, Airolo — 10%
Purchase Alpe Sorescia cheese and fondue mixture



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