Cross-country skiing

For those intent on keeping fit or simply wish to refresh their spirit immersed in age-old woods, there are tracks for both classic and skating style skiing. The tracks are situated in Bedretto, Prato Leventina (illuminated for night-time skiing), Dalpe, Campo Blenio, and Campra. Campra is a magnificent region located in a sheltered position at 1,500 a.s.l. on the southern slope of the Lukmanier, just 8 km from Olivone and 25 km from Disentis.


Discover the Nordic Ski Centre in Campra

Map of cross-country ski trails 2022/23

Map of cross-country ski trails 2022/23

Campra, Valle di Blenio
The River Brenno flows near the pistes of Campra

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