Adventurous summer

Are you dreaming of an adventurous Summer? We know where you can find everything you need to satisfy your ‘wild side’. The region of Bellinzona and Valleys offers 100% adrenaline, and a great environment to test your limits.

The mild temperatures and lush vegetation encourage everyone to get active. Take advantage of the motivating summer sun! There’s a great range of walking paths or mountain bike itineraries to tempt you. The region offers refreshing itineraries in stunning natural landscapes, and beautiful playparks for the kids too!



Indulge yourself and chose from a great selection of walks available all year round.


Challenging excursions

Chosen for you the TOP 5 of the most challenging excursions. If you love challenges and need to push yourself beyond the limits, here are the routes to the most beautiful peaks in Ticino.


Road cycling

Tackle the epic climbs of the alpine passes, including the legendary Tremola to reach the Gotthard Pass.


E-bike tours

From the gentle plains of Bellinzona to the mountains of the valleys of the Upper Ticino, explore a territory of contrasts.



The valleys are an ideal place for boulder lovers. Climb the boulder areas of Chironico and Cresciano!



Whether you prefer traditional climbing or freer styles like bouldering, in the region of Bellinzona and Valleys you’ll find the perfect option for you.


Refreshing water

Do you fancy a refreshing dip but don’t know where to go? Here are a few suggestions of where you can immerse yourself in natural refreshment.


Discover the playgrounds

For a kid, there’s no fun quite like a stop at the playground. In the region of Bellinzona and Valleys, a single trip probably isn’t enough to discover them all!


Guided tours

Discover the region of Bellinzona and Valleys with an expert guide, who will enable you to discover all the hidden wonders of our land.


Indoor activities

When the bad weather does not allow you to enjoy the outdoor activities, by us there are many possibilities to spend moments of pure indoor fun!


Chosen for you

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