Blenio Valley


Blenio Valley

The Blenio Valley, also dubbed the “Valle del Sole” or “Valley of the Sun”, is a paradise for nature lovers and is just waiting to be discovered. In summer the area offers wonderful outings on foot or by mountain bike, immersing visitors in breathtaking landscapes. During the winter months, meanwhile, they can ski or sledge down pistes that seem to be designed perfectly for the whole family, or venture out along snowy trails laid out on flatter terrain for cross-country skiing or for exploring forests and streams.

The area is also steeped in history, which is brought to life in the re-enacted parades of the Napoleonic militias, in the rooms of small and sombre museums, in the ruins of Serravalle Castle or in the workshops of the Cima Norma factory, where the ancient art of chocolate-making has made way for the aromas and flavours of the region.

The valley is also home to hundreds of small rustic dwellings, which offer guests an authentic, quintessentially alpine base for their holidays.

Region of Greina

Greina: where nature is full to bursting! If you’ve always heard people talking about the alpine tundra, but you’ve never actually seen it with your own eyes, then here’s your chance!


Region of Luzzone

The Luzzone region, a sports paradise: at some 160m in height, this is somewhere to really test your limits. The man-made climbing route up the Luzzone dam is the longest in the world.


Malvaglia Valley

Discover a little-known gem of magnificent landscapes, which perfectly combines history and nature! Explore the five "villas" and the settlements typical of this region, like the village of Dandrio.


Region of Nara

The Nara region is a year-round destination, in winter with its slopes and in summer for fantastic excursions.





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