Themed trails

Learn while walking!

One path to discover history, one to get to know the area and one to immerse yourself in nature. In the Bellinzona and Valleys region, you will find many thematic and educational trails to discover its wonders and learn at the same time!

Gole del Piottino

Educational trails

The didactic paths will allow you to learn interesting facts about nature and the region while walking through its wonders.

The mythical routes

There are numerous thematic routes in the Bellinzona and Valleys region, dedicated to natural elements as well as to the history of our people. Let yourself be transported along these fascinating routes where you will be able to experience the territory up close.

The famous pass roads

Our passes are important crossroads to the south of Switzerland and in these mountain regions there are famous roads to explore!

The historical paths of the Blenio Valley

These four paths are designed to allow young and old alike to discover the history of the Valle del Sole. Starting from the former bus station in Acquarossa, now a meeting place where you can find tourist information, choose one of the paths and dive into history!

Lukmanier nature trails

The 7 hiking trails of the Lukmanier invite you to discover the wonderful nature of this particular region.



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