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Historic centre of Bellinzona

Bellinzona in a nutshell

The perfect blend of history, nature and good weather, not to mention delicious food: Bellinzona takes you on a journey back to the Middle Ages thanks to its three castles, now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as its paved streets and welcoming little squares. Plenty of history, but also present-day cordiality, flavours and tastes that will make you feel completely at home.




238 m a.s.l.

Surface area

164.22 km²



Bellinzona Car

Bellinzona Car

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Unmissable events

Bellinzona is best known for Rabadan, the most famous carnival in Ticino, whether kissed by the sun or blanketed in snow. Masks, confetti and music take over the city for a whole week, although music is also a regular feature in the city of castles. Beatles days, Blues Session, Montebello Festival, Castle on air: these are just some of the music events that enliven the evenings in Bellinzona. Meanwhile, the streets come to life thanks to the Saturday market, the Spada nella Rocca and PerBacco, the grape harvest festival.


Top attractions

Have you got a pair of sturdy shoes that you’re not afraid of wearing out? In Bellinzona you can walk, go up and down flights of steps, lean against a mediaeval wall or simply sit on a comfortable bench and admire Piazza della Foca or the beautiful Collegiata.

Be inspired!

After visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Castles of Bellinzona, strolling around the capital’s historical streets and eating a bissolo, what can you do next? Would you like to immerse yourself even further in the local territory and history? Here are some ideas.

48h in Bellinzona

Take the opportunity to spend two days in this beautiful town and discover its wonders! Here are some tips for you on how best to live 48h in Bellinzona and surroundings!