Gotthard Region

The Gotthard Region

Summer or winter? In the Gotthard Region there’s always something to discover: whether you’re on foot or on skis, a fan of culture or sport, you can be sure you’ll find the right activities for you!

Climb the Gotthard Pass along the celebrated Tremola road, by car, by motorbike, or on the saddle of your bicycle. Did you know that it’s the longest memorial to road construction in Switzerland? When you get to the top, be sure to take a selfie at the photo spot for the Grand Tour of Switzerland: the view is utterly breathtaking!

Grand Tour of Switzerland

There is plenty to discover during the Grand Tour of Switzerland: sometimes it is new, surprising or exciting, but whatever it is, it is always typical of this particular location.

The region of St. Gotthard

The region of St. Gotthard


The itineraries of the region Gotthard