Grand Tour of Switzerland

Montebello Castle

Grand Tour of Switzerland

There is plenty to discover during the Grand Tour of Switzerland: sometimes it is new, surprising or exciting, but whatever it is, it is always typical of this particular location.

Breath-taking four thousand meter peaks, charming hilly landscapes, mediaeval towns, roaring falls – on the Grand Tour the places of interest line up like a string of pearls. We spotted the best ones for you. Follow the photospots of our region, you will find one at the Montebello Castle and one on the Tremola road.

Experience the culinary diversity of Switzerland. The Grand Tour of Switzerland won’t just show you Switzerland’s most beautiful side; it’s also a culinary journey of discovery.

Along the Grand Tour, stop in the region of Bellinzona and Valleys and take a photo in one of the three Photospots: along the Tremola, at Montebello Castle or in Piazza Monte Ceneri! And don't forget to tag us!

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