Museo di Leventina, Giornico

Fascinating culture

Visit a region where culture is a constant. Marvellous treasures await. Grab your camera, the adventure is about to begin!

Discover the Bellinzona castles and their exhibitions: today, they still have the power to enchant visitors of any age! But leave yourself enough time to visit some of Upper Ticino’s other spectacular monuments! Get ready for wonder at the Romanesque masterpieces preserved in Upper Ticino: Negrentino’s San Carlo, Giornico’s San Nicola and Biasca’s SS. Pietro e Paolo churches.

Prepare to be charmed by a Canton where a love for culture still rules.


If you’re passionate about museums, you’re in the right place. Art, history, ethnography and science. So what kind of museums do you like?


Romanesque architecture

Spoil yourself with an excursion which combines nature, art and culture. Come and discover the masterpieces of rural Romanesque preserved in the Valleys.

Villa dei Cedri in Bellinzona

Churches and monuments

Discover the religious architecture the region has preserved over the centuries. The sheer richness of Ticino’s architectural heritage is bound to amaze you.


Culture not to be missed

For the traveler who absolutely cannot miss the most important historical and cultural monuments of the place of visit, here is for you the TOP 5 of the cultural attractions not to be missed.



Living traditions

The Historic Militia and Rabadan are on the list of living traditions of Switzerland.

Rabadan Carnival

If you’re a party lover and never miss an opportunity to have a bit more fun, Bellinzona’s Carnival, or ‘Rabadan’, is a must for your diary.


The napoleonic militias

Officials, ensigns, drummers and riflemen in period costumes: the parade which pays homage to the Napoleonic Militia will charm all the members of the family.


Local craft

Local culture expressed through craft production

Saturday market in Bellinzona


If you are looking for Ticino at its most genuine, why not come and discover its handmade products. You’ll discover a whole world of creativity and originality in its many creations.

House of craftsmanship

Chosen for you

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