Image 0 - Associazione viticoltori-vinificatori privati

Associazione viticoltori-vinificatori privati

The Ticinese section of the Switzerland Wine-grower- Vineyard-maker Private association (AVVT) is constituted in 1984 on initiative of some firms that already belonged to the Swiss Association. Today it counts few more than 30 partnership firms that goes from 1 hectare to 7 hectares with a general surface of ca. 100 hectares. Geographically the firms are located in the zone between Bellinzona and Locarno, in the Earths of Pedemonte (Centovalli), in the Luganese, in the Malcantone and the Mendrisiotto. Inside the association there is a job group composed by 7 members. One is president and he stays reigning for 2 years. Switzerland Wine-grower- Vineyard-maker Private association has the purpose to promote the quality and the authenticity of Ticino's wines. The wine-grower cultivates his vineyards and puts the wine in his cellar taking personally care of it. He sells all or part of his crop in bottle under his responsibility, his own name and with his label. The Private Wine-grower-Vineyard-maker respects the enologic norms of the profession. The Private Wine-grower- Vineyard-maker renounce to the grape or wine purchase with a commercial aim, it purchases only for create new vineyards, in accordance with the federal and cantonal laws.


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