Family moments

Laghetti Audan, Quinto

Experiences for the whole family

We have chosen for you the most beautiful and entertaining activities for the whole family. If you want to experience nature, choose one of the playgrounds in our valleys or go trekking with donkeys in the Blenio Valley.

Activities with animals

In the region of Bellinzona and Valleys, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy unforgettable experiences with animals. The kids will love it - and so will you!


Discover the playgrounds

For a kid, there’s no fun quite like a stop at the playground. In the region of Bellinzona and Valleys, a single trip probably isn’t enough to discover them all!


The treasures of the Blenio Valley

Explore the wonders of the Blenio Valley with these fun interactive treasure hunts suitable for the whole family!


Excursions for the whole family

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