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Selvatici.ch, is a solid project based on a friendship and a great desire to experiment and work, obviously without depriving yourself of a bit of originality and passion for the entrepreneurial spirit.

The project was born in 2014 by two IT colleagues; Alessandro and Nicola who, wandering about the important things in life, discussed the importance and the will to achieve something tangible. So they decided to embark on the adventure of "making beer".

Initially, after a thousand researches, they started with a 30-liter "All Grain" plant and started to make different types of beer every production, but they soon realized the need to have more professional tools with the possibility of reducing the production time and increase the quantities produced. For this reason it was decided to purchase a 100 liter Polsinelli production plant. In conclusion; a serious plant!

At the same time they started with the work to transform what was then a garage into a full-fledged brewery: tiling, plastering and painting, making the rooms hygienically compliant. All this without neglecting the importance of seriously developing the whole management part of the brewery.

As for the production, they decided to gradually develop their own recipes, without initially making too many types of beer but devoting time to progress technically and to improve the cooked recipes in cooked. From here the Tasso (IPA) and the Volpe (Amber Ale) were born. In a not too distant future, the family of the wild will surely be enlarged.

Nevertheless they are always focused on the initial purpose of the project: Sharing unforgettable moments (connected to production and not, including drinking in company), grow and experience.

The selvatici.ch thank all those who have supported us and continue to support and support us.

A big thank you!