Image 0 - Santa Petronilla Waterfall
Image 1 - Santa Petronilla Waterfall
Image 2 - Santa Petronilla Waterfall
Image 3 - Santa Petronilla Waterfall
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Image 6 - Santa Petronilla Waterfall

Santa Petronilla Waterfall

High above Biasca, behind the cliffs, more precisely on the Alpe di Lago, is the spring of the “Ri della Froda”. This little stream flows through the rocky landscape that the water has slowly carved over the centuries, to become the waterfall of Santa Petronilla once the sparkling waters plunge over the cliffs above Biasca. 

Besides the beauty of the fall and the colorful light reflections and rainbows in the waters, the site also allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery and panoramic view. Totally immersed in nature, with only the sound of water and the smell of the plants to keep you company, you can admire the sun-kissed Blenio valley, the Leventina valley and the Riviera with its picturesque greenery.

The fall can be reached by a walk of about thirty minutes, starting from the Central Square or train station of Biasca. Excursionists need to pass the Cavalier Pellanda Museum and then climb to the church of ‘San Pietro e Paolo’, considered as one of the most beautiful romanic monuments in Switzerland. Walking along the path of the Cross with its 14 chapels, in the shade of chestnut trees, the hiker reaches the Roman Bridge, from where the falls can be admired. The crossing of the bridge finally leads you to the Oratory of Santa Petronilla.


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