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Fresstyle in Airolo

Freestyle skiing is a winter sport that was born as a progression of Alpine skiing through the introduction of jumps, slope variations, and various choreographic figures. Freestyle also includes some disciplines practiced with the snowboard, among which are boardercross, slopestyle and halfpipe.

The specialties of this modern style of skiing are the following:

Mogul skiing: moguls are a series of bumps on a trail formed when skiers push the snow into mounds or piles as they execute short-radius turns.

  • Aerial skiing: Aerialists ski off 2-4 meter jumps and perform multiple flips and twists before landing
  • Ski cross: Ski cross is a type of skiing competition. The courses have both naturally occurring terrain and artificial features including big-air jumps and high-banked turns.
  • Half-pipe: athletes perform a series of tricks and jumps while going down the pipe, a structure with two concave ramps facing each other across a flat transition
  • Slopestyle: athletes ski or snowboard down a course including a variety of obstacles such as rails, jumps and other terrain park features
  • Ski ballet: Ballet involves a choreographed routine of flips, rolls, leg crossings, jumps, and spins performed on a smooth slope

In Ticino it is possible to practice the freestyle specialties. In the 30 km of slopes in Airolo – Pesciüm, athletes and enthusiasts of freestyle can find an area where they can practice especially mogul and aerial skiing. The Ski Club Airolo also integrated freestyle among their sporting disciplines.

The Freestyle and Moguls group of the Ski Club Airolo is quite small, but it does not mean that the athletes are any less talented. They train constantly to improve their skills, and the results are visible. Among the freestylers of Airolo, the following athletes have been very successful:

  • Katrin Müller – National Skicross Swissski
  • Nicole Gasparini – Moguls
  • Marco Tadé – Moguls
  • Debora Scanzio – National Moguls Swissski


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