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E-bike sharing Blenio Valley-Biasca


The Bike Sharing "Valle di Blenio - Biasca" is a service for the automated rental of electric mountain bikes (e-MTB) promoted by the Ticino municipalities of the Blenio Valley (Blenio, Acquarossa, Serravalle) with the municipality of Biasca. It has been developed with the coordination and support of the Ente Regionale per lo Sviluppo Bellinzonese e Valli (ERS-BV) and the valuable support of the Organizzazione Turistica Regionale Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino (OTR-BAT).

From April, tourists, visitors and locals will be able to ride their e-MTBs and freely discover the beautiful area.

The e-MTBs can be picked up/delivered at one of the 4 "Velospot" stations (one in each municipality), equipped with a total of 20 bikes.

To rent a bike, simply purchase the pass (6-digit code) directly from the website www.velospot.ch (relatively from the Velospot 2.0 application) provided by the Swiss company Intermobility SA or by collecting the code from the tourist InfoPoints in Olivone and Biasca as well as from the Municipal Offices of the relevant municipalities in the region.

The personal code can then be reused to use again the bike. The rental fee is Fr. 3.00 per 30 minutes. The minimum age for using e-MTBs is 16. The age of majority (18) is required to take out a subscription.

All those who use the service will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount on their food (menu) at participating restaurants by simply bringing their blue bike to the restaurant or presenting their booking confirmation for the same day.

For further information on the rental system, access to the bikes, prices and offers in detail see the flyer or contact InfoPoint Bellinzona e Valli.

Recommended itineraries:

  • Valle di Blenio Bike - nr. 387: starts in Olivone and goes as far as Biasca, with punctual detours that allow you to pass by enchanting places, rich in history, culture, traditions and nature.
  • Historical trail nr. 3: starts in Acquarossa and goes as far as Malvaglia, passing by various historical points of interest of importance for the valley.

Internet site: www.velospot.ch


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