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Cresciano Boulder

These were the years of Dreamtime and the news about a new level in bouldering (8c, later on downgraded to 8b+) travelled quickly around the world of bouldering; Cresciano became increasingly popular.

Dreamtime was a milestone not only in the history of Cresciano, but probably also in the history of bouldering. The attainment of this important new level attracted many boulderers, all desiring to attempt this new grade, Graham and Ond ra are only two names of the many strong climbers, who came to Cresciano for this and other challenges. Dreamtime is no longer the hardest boulder problem in the world, but its name will remain known.
Cresciano gets thousands of visitors every year, all people who participate in progressing and invigorating this sport. It is a good place for day visits, short holidays or longer stays. Cresciano is also great if bouldering alone or with the family (there are no real dangers in the central or in many secondary areas).The climate makes it possible to climb most of the year. It's easily accessible (to the joy of most climbers) and the natural environment is very scenic, permitting many other outdoor and cultural activities.
In recent years it has become a European reference place and a world one, hence there is no need for a longer introduction to Cresciano.
But we asked the person who is considered as being amongst the pioneers of Cresciano, to tell us about "his Cresciano" a place, as we will see, filled with friends, with the emotions of discovery and with an unlimited passion.

Climbing develops on granite boulders (Gneis) of great quality, which allow a wide variety of styles: from slabs to overhangs without forgetting the crimps walls.
The climbing style is usually technical, but for various problems a good finger strength is required.
The very rough rock allows a good adhesion, but it rapidly wear out the fingers' skin.

The best time to climb in Cresciano is from September to April.


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