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Camp Alla Meta

Fancy mountains, sunshine, peace and why not, some animals nearby? Want to taste a lunch, dinner or breakfast without having to cook? Well, what are you waiting for: come visit us in Predelp! We have available for you a comfortable flat lawn where you can park your vehicle, in a secluded and easy-to-reach place (with electricity).

The camp is located just a few meters from our farmhouse Alla Meta, where there is the possibility of toilet and shower service, Wi-Fi and, most importantly, a good meal cooked entirely by us with 0 km products from our farm. Don't have the products to prepare a packed lunch the next day? Just ask and we will provide what you want. The Predelp Valley lends itself very well as a starting point for new hikes. There are alps (including the Chièra Alp, which belongs to an enchanted wetland and protected area), farm animals and wildlife to scout, streams, flowering meadows. Mountains to climb, alpine lakes,..in short, if you love nature you will be in the right place.

IMPORTANT: The restaurant is closed on Mondays. on Sundays it closes at 5 p.m.