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Audan climbing gym

Built by SAT Ritom in the Audan area of Ambrì, this gym is designed to be a "training classroom" for rock climbers. It has attracted climbers from all over the world to this region. The SAT Ritom climbing gym is the ideal venue for training and providing climbers with more skills to climb safely, as well as giving them greater confidence in their ability.  It is also the perfect place to meet other climbing-fans, to swap ideas, exchange projects, organise conferences, activities and courses for young and older climbers.

The gym is a 20-metre tower, perfectly blended in the surrounding countryside. Inside, in the basement, are the technical facilities and the storage facilities. The offices and changing rooms are on the ground floor, the "boulder hall" (110 sq.m.), for training without safety devices, is on the first floor. The true climbing facilities (450 sq.m.) are on the second floor, with difficulty levels ranging from grade IV to VIII, and climbs up to 15 metres.  The whole venue is welcoming and heated.


Day ticket:
Adults  Fr. 8.--
Members  FAT Fr. 5.--
Children  (up to 17) Fr. 3.--

Groups :
(half a day) Fr. 50.--

Annual :
Adults  Fr. 100.--
Members  FAT Fr. 80.--
Children  (up to 17) Fr. 40.--

Deposit for the key  Fr. 40.--


  • VENUES Climbing , Eco-friendly