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Atelier Genucchi

Giovanni Genucchi
(Bruxelles 1904 - Acquarossa 1979)


During 40 years of sculptural career, he developed a personal language, full of sensibility. The enduring job of simplification, in the wood and stone carving techniques and in clay and plaster modelling skills, gave him the chance to reveal a pure and essential emotion. To Genucchi, being a sculptor meant alternating moments between difficulties and satisfactions; sensations experienced mostly in his atelier in Castro, in the Blenio Valley. This space, which still exists, is full of plastic solutions that testify his idea of harmony.


Thanks to horizontal slots, that allows peeking inside the spaces from three different perspectives, the tourist has the chance to discover and admire Giovanni Genucchi's works from the outside of the atelier.

Open by appointment !


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