Image 0 - Alpine lakes of Ritom-Piora region
Image 1 - Alpine lakes of Ritom-Piora region
Image 2 - Alpine lakes of Ritom-Piora region

Alpine lakes of Ritom-Piora region

The Ritom Lake (1850m) in Val Leventina is the departure point. You can get there by car, ascending from Altanca, or by taking the funicular at Piotta to the highest station, from which you can reach the lake with a 20-minute walk. The lake of Cadagno (1923m) is the first stop, followed by the lake of Dentro (2298m) and the Miniera Lake (2525m). Walking along the Reno di Medel you reach the Isra Lake (2322m); then coming to the Scuro Lake (2451m), the Taneda lakes (2305 m and2248m) and the lake of Tom (2021m), after which you return to the Ritom Lake.

The inclination of the trail is first 675m, then 200m, for a total duration of about 4 hours.

The trail is not difficult but nonetheless requires good mountain equipment.

There is a restaurant with the possibility of lodging at Ritom and a second restaurant in Cadagno. There are also cabins in Cadagno (1987m) and Cadlimo (2570m).

There are numerous excursions; the ideal time of year is from June to September. The Lucomagno Road can be reached from Piora by crossing the Columbe Pass (2380m) and the Sun Pass (2379m). From the Passo del Sole and Predelp (2245m) enter the territory above Faido.

Lake Cadagno Lake Cadagno is a special lake, mysterious, because it is composed of two different lakes which overlap creating a unique ecosystem.

  • The superior lake, in contact with the atmosphere, is a natural alpine lake fed by the waters formed by the dissolution of snow.
  • The lower part of the lake do not receive water or oxygen from the outside world, but it is fed by springwaters. The water passing through the dolomite is enriched in minerals (sulfur, calcium, phosphate, ammonium, magnesium) and has a higher density of the water.
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