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Scenic Trail 2024

A Trail Running competition: 3000 runners, over 70 nations, 6 trails, a success since 10 years!


For those who have never tackled distances over a hundred kilometers, our K30 could be a stepping stone to increasingly challenging trails. Imagine a night start, kissed by cool breezes coming down from the mountains, under a sky of stars that will accompany you until dawn and then continue during the warm days of June along a course that will offer unparalleled views of the surrounding peaks, lakes, Alps and the Po Valley. If you finish this course you will have no problem finishing many other races.


Our first-born and matriarch of all other trails was born with the idea of creating a small race for local residents. In just a few years it has attracted thousands of people who with stubbornness and insistence have succeeded some on their first, some on their second or some on their third attempt to get to the bottom of this "textbook" journey that represents true, pure, unadulterated trail running. A trail created by Nature, a 54Km natural amphitheater to which nothing has been added or taken away. A perfect design of climbs and descents, changes of pace, sometimes difficult and sometimes even more difficult trails.


For many it might be an almost impossible distance to travel, without considering the more than 2,000 meters of elevation gain. Others give up before they even think about it and hide behind their insecurities. All wrong. This race was created precisely to show even those with low self-confidence that everyone can do it; all it takes is a minimum of training. On this course a great many sports and mountain enthusiasts have tasted a bite of the purest trai running and enjoyed it so much that they then set out on longer distances.


This shortened version of a trail run is perfect for those who enjoy simplicity, the incredible views of Capriasca, easy trails and mountain walks. The Bigorio Convent, Gola di Lago, the alpine pastures of Davrosio and then up to Motto della Croce from where the view sweeps unperturbed over the Gulf of Lugano, the Alps, the Padania. A trail for those who want to walk quietly while savoring, in a sporting environment, the quiet of Nature. Here the stopwatch is present to indicate your performance but has no competitive value.

Kids race

Scenic Trail is a way of life, a stepping stone to a healthy existence in touch with Nature. Everyone who has come to visit us knows this. However, the lay of the land and the hardness of the trails created by our ancestors are very challenging for young children. That's why in order to make them feel like little heroes and ignite in them the sacred fire of sports, the Kids Race was created. A course where no one loses and everyone has fun, just to leave in the hearts of the youngest children a strong emotion, full of healthy principles and above all enriching from the human point of view.


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