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Outdoor photo exhibition

Outdoor photo exhibition
29th October - 4th December 2022
Piazza Grande, Giubiasco

The international year of artisanal fishing and aquaculture in a travelling photo exhibition

Some thirty open-air photographs could already be admired while strolling along the lakeshore, i.e. in one of the environments relating to the theme of the exhibition “Protecting Fish Resources: Protecting Life”. In fact, the first stage of the travelling exhibition resulting from the collaboration between Foto Club Turrita, FotoClubLugano and Foto-Cine Club Chiasso was held in Lugano. Every year, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) establishes a theme to be celebrated and developed in order to raise public awareness. In 2022, the International Year of Small-scale Fisheries and Aquaculture will be celebrated to focus global attention on the role that small-scale fishermen, fish farmers and fishery workers play in food and economic security, nutrition and environmental protection. Members of the three clubs therefore set out to create a series of photographs inspired by the fishing cycle, with shots taken near rivers and lakes in the region, but also in more exotic locations. At the centre is always them, the fish in the various stages of their lives, and the fishermen or farmers with many of their facets. The dozens of pictures taken by the members of the three Photoclubs were submitted to a jury (consisting of a photographer and representatives from the fishing and communication industries) which selected the 28 shots to be exhibited.

The photos can be admired free of charge and without opening hours.


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