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Morobbia Trail

Are you ready for a new adventure in the magical Morobbia Valley?
Don't make any other plans for the next 29.06.2024, the Morobbia Trail is waiting for you!

Walking - The popular walk: 6 km / 400M+

The popular walk is a route suitable for everyone, designed for families, to be done with children and dogs on a leash, which allows you to spend a few hours in the open air, passing through beautiful woods and enjoying a fantastic view of the plain.

The route starts at the Pianezzo Policentre, and then heads towards "Volpera", from here it climbs towards the municipal reservoirs where there will be an initial break. The route then continues towards the Serta playground. After the well-deserved break, we continue in the direction of Madonna degli Angeli, where we will take the path and then the road leading to the 'Motto Gandioni' area. Here, a quick refreshment will be consumed and we will set off again in the direction of "Volpera", before reaching the Policentro di Pianezzo.


K14 - The Trail of the Cross: 14 km / 1300M+

The route is suitable for those approaching the discipline for the first time, but also for those seeking competitiveness and the ability to push their limits to the maximum.


The start is always located at the Policentro in Pianezzo. The first part of the route is a beautiful and competitive 'vertical', passing through Paudo, then continuing to Pian Dolce and finally reaching Arbinetto. Here we take an easy and scenic trail to one of the most scenic spots in the Bellinzona area: Il Motto della Croce. The race continues downhill towards the Monti di Ravecchia, where the trail then leads to the ancient medieval village of Prada. It continues towards Serta, Bacini dell'acqua and then descends into the Pianezzo countryside to finally reach the Policentro di Pianezzo.


K33 - The Wolf Trail: 33 km / 2500M+

The competitive route for those who want to try their hand at something more challenging: an excellent choice for those who want to test themselves for the first time on a more demanding distance and at the same time a perfect challenge for veterans of the discipline. Satisfaction at the finish is guaranteed.


The route starts at the Policentro della Valle Morobbia. At the start there is a short section inside the village with the aim of diluting the participants and not creating a 'funnel' effect. We immediately descend to the bottom of the valley and then ascend from the left bank of the Morobbia Valley via the mountains of Verona, Scertara and Stagno. You descend towards the Carmena dam and then climb up to the Moneda mountains to reach the forest road that leads to the path to Alpe del Giumello. One passes Giggione and reaches the San Jorio Pass. From there, the tour continues and arrives at the new Gesero hut. The splendid view is priceless. The route is now mainly downhill. We pass Sass Guidà, Pian Dolce, Monti di Paudo and finally arrive at the finish line, still at the Pianezzo centre.


Find out more about the program: www.morobbia-trail.ch


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