Image 0 - Le molte facce del contagio
Image 1 - Le molte facce del contagio
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Le molte facce del contagio

Le molte facce del contagio
(The many faces of contagion)

09.04- 06.11.2022

"A potentially viral exhibition"

The exhibition "The many faces of contagion" is a project of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine and L'ideatorio USI, in collaboration with the City of Bellinzona and the Fondazione Sasso Corbaro.

Every one of us is a mixture of contagions: those associated with our daily life, for instance looks, ideas and hugs, and those associated with microbes, like viruses and bacteria.  We get infected with thoughts; we get infected with germs. We look for the former, we shun the latter.

“The many faces of contagion” is an exhibition suitable for all ages. Moving around between games, videos of personal stories and interactive workstations, you will discover that, far from being simply a risk, contagion is also a necessity.

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