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LA VITA - Max Läubli

LA VITA - Max Läubli
2nd September - 6th November 2022
Castello di Sasso Corbaro, Bellinzona

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of his birth, the exhibition 'La Vita' (Life) at Castello Sasso Corbaro from 2 September to 6 November 2022 covers well over half a century of work by the artist Max Läubli (Herisau 1932 - 2018 Claro).

The painter settled in Claro in 1959 and became an honorary citizen both for his artistic and social activities and for the preservation of the community's cultural heritage.


The retrospective, which takes place in the intricate rooms of the castle, offers a wide-ranging look at the artist's paintings, sculptures and writings, narrating the life and art of Max Läubli. Alongside the more than 140 works and documents on display, an excerpt from the extensive graphic work is visible in digital form.

In the catalogue accompanying the artist's exhibition, the art critic Paolo Blendinger writes: "His art, in the final analysis, is nothing other than the diary of a life marked by the passing of the seasons and years, a testimony of a time, his own, in which the inner world and external stimuli combine to shape a path that can only be personal, and yet, as such, also common in that perspective that we define as humanistic. Not only this the artist entrusts to us in this anthological exhibition, but he also moves the strings of our sensitivity through a work that fascinates as it involves us by accompanying us."

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