Image 0 - Iragna's Pool “Pózz Bórgh”
Image 1 - Iragna's Pool “Pózz Bórgh”
Image 2 - Iragna's Pool “Pózz Bórgh”
Image 3 - Iragna's Pool “Pózz Bórgh”

Iragna's Pool “Pózz Bórgh”

Iragna’s pool, also known as the Pózz Bórgh pool, is a favourite spot, great for cooling down in the summer. It can be easily accessed from the village and its natural backdrop of three waterfalls descending into the pool is truly spectacular. It is suitable for wild swimming and sunbathing, making it the ideal place for a fun and relaxing day out with the whole family.

This pool is also a perfect spot for canyoning enthusiasts, who can practice this extreme sport in the ideal conditions of the Iragna stream canyons with their picturesque descents and crystal clear blue water. Those who enjoy physical exercise in the outdoors will certainly appreciate the fitness trail beginning at the sports complex and spreading over the area that leads to the Ticino river.


  • VENUES Eco-friendly